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Helping Senior Care Communities Build Efficient Teams

Skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, and senior living communities all face tough challenges with staffing. Industry-wide shortages have created stiff competition to hire dedicated workers, yet demand remains high. To maintain care levels, senior living communities will need to hire 1.2 million more employees by 2025.

Senior care is hard work, and staff turnover is a problem. Recruiting and training employees is expensive (around 25% of annual compensation), but turnover also puts a burden on remaining staff to deliver the same quality of care. But with NurseDash, senior living communities can get the help they need without the expense.

What Can You Do with NurseDash?

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We are an on-demand healthcare marketplace


Post open shifts whenever you need someone to fill them


Get access to dedicated staff at your fingertips


Attract qualified professionals in your local community


Review and approve clinicians who are interested in your shifts

How NurseDash Helps Senior Living Communities

  • You get verified, qualified talent for your open shifts for less
  • Clinicians selected in NurseDash are ready to go from the start
  • The clinicians you see have all been vetted by our service and rated by your peers
  • All clinicians have gone through background screenings
  • Clinician credentials and licenses are monitored regularly

You Provide the Care, We’ll Provide the Talent

Learn how we can help you get verified healthcare professionals faster than ever.