NurseDash Fills the Staffing Gap for Hospitals

By 2022, more registered nursing jobs will be open than any other position. Currently, there aren’t enough nurses to support hospital patients — making scheduling issues more pronounced. Poor scheduling and staffing leads to nurses feeling underappreciated, which leads to high turnover rates. We built NurseDash to change this for good.

How NurseDash Works for Hospitals


Eliminates inefficient paper-based scheduling (still used by 1 in 4 facilities today)


Provides a simple and effective process for filling open shifts


Ensures you have the clinicians you need for your workload


Keeps hospitals and clinicians on the same page at all times


Ensures gaps in staffing are filled by an efficient, experienced clinician

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Helps hospitals identify and hire skilled clinicians with confidence

Benefits of Using NurseDash at Your Hospital

  • You get verified, qualified talent for your open shifts for less
  • NurseDash provides clinicians with paychecks and insurance
  • All clinicians have gone through background screenings
  • Clinician credentials and licenses are monitored regularly
  • NurseDash ensures the clinicians you get understand what’s expected of them
  • No hidden fees — save money while maintaining expert care

Put NurseDash to Work for Your Hospital

Find the clinicians you need to keep operations running smoothly with NurseDash.